Ethical Clothing Production


At ShareHope, we are proud to make beautiful clothing.

But we are even more proud of how we do business.

Our Approach


Creating Decent Jobs

Creating decent, secure, ethical jobs is at the core of our business model. In a country where only 4 out of 10 people work in the formal sector, our goal is to provide jobs that will allow families and communities to earn enough to provide for basic needs and work in conditions that will respect their dignity.

Ethical Clothing Production

ShareHope is committed to producing beautiful clothing in a way that is ethical. We insist that garment workers earn at least the local minimum wage or the industry standard, whichever is higher. We ensure that clothing is produced under conditions compliant with the highest labor standards. 

Social Programs

We believe that creating good jobs is the best way to make sure people can live lives of dignity, provide for their families, and achieve their dreams. But we know that garment workers still don’t have access to many services. That’s why 100% of the money we make goes to fund and implement a variety of social programs for Haitian garment workers.

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Doing Business with Us


Product and Fabric Development

ShareHope collaborates with the customer’s design team, making the sketch concept and technical specifications a reality. Even prior to the actual development of styles, we participate in fabric development to bring new industry trends to the design table. Our sales staff works together with our partner mill in China to ensure that all processes of fabric production are tailored to our client’s needs, including fabric color approval, lab dips, and fabric testing. We provide a full package, financing all aspects of the production process and most of our orders are Landed Duty Paid (LDP) terms.

Production in Haiti

We believe that Haiti can produce it! Traditionally, the Haitian apparel sector has focused on a single-item production, such as basic T-shirts. This is a good solution for the medium term, but does not allow Haiti to truly compete with other apparel producing countries. ShareHope believes that diversifying both the product mix and skill sets is the key to sustainability and growth in the Haitian apparel sector. By doing so, this industry will be able to adapt easily to the demands of a quickly evolving market, and become more and more attractive to prospective clients. Our production in Haiti is facilitated by the Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity Through Partnership Encouragement Act (HOPE II Act), which includes special trade rules that give preferential access to U.S. imports of Haitian apparel.

Overseeing the Process

From product development to final delivery at our customers’ US warehouses, we oversee the entire process of production and all required sampling. Our in-country staff of includes highly experienced sample technicians, in-line and end-line auditors, as well as a dedicated Quality Assurance specialist assigned exclusively to each factory in which we work.

Working closely with factories

ShareHope is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality product for our customer, and therefore work closely with and invest in the relationship with our partner factories. As we build a relationship with a factory, we pay them premium prices for the assembly, and it’s our expectation that those factories will subsequently increase the wages of the workers over time. We uniquely and specifically work with technical staff to fill in gaps where capacity-building is required.

But ShareHope is more than just a sourcing agent. Not only do we evaluate factories based on their capability to supply the right product and their commitment to quality and compliance, but also on their commitment to the highest standards of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We ensure that the product has been produced under conditions compliant with national and international labor and human rights standards. We help the factory evaluate their Better Work Assessments, and where there are non-compliances, we help them to come into compliance.

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