The Need

When we began working in Haitian garment factories in 2010, we quickly realized two things:

  1. Factory workers are incredible
  2. They face countless challenges

ShareHope was born.

Through relationships with Haitian garment factories and workers, we are addressing some realities of life in Haiti.

6 out of 10 people in Haiti work in the informal sector, with no guarantee of what they will earn from day to day.

See what we’re doing to address that.

40% of Haiti’s population does no have access to clean water. That’s 4 million people whose lives are at risk everyday.

See what we’re doing to address that.

99% of Haitians will never finish high school.

See what we’re doing to address that.

Deaf and hard of hearing people often often face extreme exclusion both in their families and their communities.

See what we’re doing to address that.

Want to get involved in addressing and tackling these issues?

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To get in touch with ShareHope, write us an email at, or a message on Facebook @sharehopehaiti. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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